Membership Voting And Nominations

Your board has been hard at work updating and revising the Constitution and By-Laws of the Payne County Audubon Society. It was an arduous process, but it was important to bring our operations into the 21st Century and develop a succession plan for officers. To adopt these changes, we need membership to ratify them.

Now it’s your turn.
We need your vote.

Mountain Bluebirds. Photo by Jim Cowley.

Check out our proposed Constitution and By-Laws here.
Check out our past Constitution and By-Laws here.

Vote using this Google Form. All votes are anonymous.

Proposed Changes

As you compare the old and new constitution and by-laws, some changes you will see are mere housekeeping, others are more about streamlining governance. Here are some provisions of the new version we think are especially important:

  • Provisions that reflect the way we do business today, like having meetings when it makes sense to meet in person, while making provision for communicating with you electronically. (Article II)
  • Allow the Board of Directors the option of filling an open Director position by appointment. (Article III)
  • Create a staged rotation through the office of President, so that today’s Vice President becomes President in one year, and today’s President keeps a seat at the table for one year as Immediate Past President. (Article IV)
  • Remove a list of specific standing committees and make creation of a committee one of the President’s routine duties. (Article IV)
  • Streamline the process to make future changes to the constitution and by-laws. (Article VII)
  • Housekeeping Examples include correcting the name of the organization to match our articles of incorporation, making only one kind of membership, and making all members of National Audubon Society who reside in our area an automatic member of PCAS.

We need you for the board!
Nominate yourself or a friend.

Birding Payne County. Photo by Tim O’Connell.

Part of the update to our Constitution and By-Laws includes a formal succession plan for Directors (elected board members, but not officers) and Officers (the elected positions Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President, and President). We are now accepting nominations for all of these positions. There is a current list of board members on our home page.

If you would like to nominate someone to a Director or Officer position, please complete this Google Form by Friday, March 19.

If you have questions about any part of this process, please feel free to email We will be in touch about how to vote on those running for the board once we know if the proposed by-laws have been ratified.

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