Payne County Checklist

Folded checklists of Payne County birds are now out of print. The master checklist below was generated using 6959 checklists submitted to eBird, 2006–2016. Approximately 280 species are listed, with color-coded indication of frequency on checklists separated by month. Thus, it is easy to scan the list to determine which species are common, which are rare, which spend the winter with us, and which are here only during the breeding season of spring and summer.

Should you find a species during a month that (1) is not on the list at all, (2) is listed as white  (unrecorded), or (3) coded with the palest violet (<5% of checklists), then you have either misidentified the bird or found something exciting. A photograph might be necessary to confirm the identification. Even a distant and grainy photograph can often be useful to confirm the identification of a rare bird so please don’t be shy about sharing a photo of something that you think might be a good find!



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