Birdlam: Oklahoma’s Big Day Birding Event!

Birdlam 2022

Birdlam is Oklahoma’s big day birding event sponsored by the Payne County Audubon Society. The aim of Birdlam is to raise funds for Audubon chapters and other bird clubs across the state, increase general awareness of the avifauna diversity within Oklahoma, and… have fun!

Birdlam began as a nod to the “Bedlam” rivalry between Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma. True to this spirit, the first Birdlam in 2021 was a friendly competition between the Payne County Audubon Society (OSU) and the Cleveland County Audubon Society (OU) for the largest tally within their respective counties. Beginning in 2022, the competition will be open to chapters and clubs across the state. Chapters/clubs may bird outside their club’s jurisdictions—just not beyond Oklahoma. The birdiest chapter/club will receive recognition and bragging rights. Participants are eligible for individual and group awards.

When is Birdlam?

Birdlam is the fourth Saturday of April (12am-12pm). The next one is April 23, 2022.

How Do I Get Involved?

Begin by registering online here. Registration is $25/person and you can pay your fee here. Those registering by April 1st will received a commemorative t-shirt prior to Birdlam. Registration will be open through the day of the event. During the process, you will be asked to:

  • Choose a chapter or club to support (optional). A portion of your registration fee ($5) will go to that chapter or club.
  • Consider the type of t-shirt you want. Options include orange, black, or crimson in size S-XXXL (unisex sizes).

Alternatively, you can register by completing a registration form and emailing it to, or via post to Payne County Audubon Society, PO Box 82, Stillwater, OK 74075.

Want an extra shirt?

We’re happy to sell you one! Profits go towards PCAS Study Grants and community programming. Order here!

What Are the Rules?

  • Please don’t count domestic, caged, unhatched, or deceased animals. Established populations of introduced species may be counted. Most current field guides should assist you in determining countable birds.
  • In the spirit of being as non-intrusive as possible, birds may not be called or enticed to respond by any means. Electronic devices are allowed so long as they do not disturb the birds.
  • Birds seen across the state line are permissible as long as the birder is in Oklahoma when the observation takes place.

After The Competition

After the competition, individual species lists may be emailed to, or may be mailed to: Payne County Audubon Society, PO Box 82, Stillwater, OK 74075.

Lists must be emailed or postmarked no later than April 26, 2022.  Please be prompt, and please be sure to identify the birder to whom the list belongs.

Date: Saturday, April 23, 2022

Birding will commence at 12:00 midnight and will continue through the following midnight. Birders may scout chosen territory in advance, but may only count species seen and/or heard during the specified 24 hour period.

Covid-19 Restrictions:  Follow CDC Rules

All birders are strongly encouraged to comply with applicable CDC Covid restrictions in effect on April 23, 2022. Accordingly, unless those guidelines change, for this competition  a birder who chooses to bird in the presence of other birders must either observe masking and distance requirements at all times, or otherwise be fully in compliance with CDC rules found here.

Prizes? Yes!

  • The Subaru Birding the Outback Award: Most individuals seen of this year’s target species – LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE. Sponsor – Bob Moore Subaru; Prize: $100 gift certificate.
  • Eunice B. Hoskins Prize: The individual reporting the most eligible species. Sponsor – Les Imboden; Prize – $100.
  • The District Bicycles Mega-Excellent Adventure Award: The most birds seen across at least two sites. Gas-powered transportation must NOT be used between the first and last birds recorded for the day. While electronic cars would technically be permissible, the spirit of the award is to encourage birders to head to places not accessible by car with an openness for adventure. Get on a bike! Hop in a kayak! Sponsor – District Bicycles; Prize – gift certificate.
  • Most Species by Group: The group reporting the most eligible species. Groups are defined as at least two individuals birding the entire day together. It is expected that everyone in the group observes 95% of the total birds they report. Sponsor – Hideaway Pizza; Prize – $100 gift card to Hideaway Pizza.
  • The Yardbirds Award: Most species seen from the property you live on. ˆSponsor – Wild Birds Unlimited (Tulsa); Prize – $100 gift card.

Prizes will be conveyed to the winners according to contact information furnished at the time of registration.

How do I report results?

Lists must be emailed or postmarked no later than April 26, 2022. Be sure to include the following information:

  • Your name and contact information (email/phone).
  • A total list of eligible species you saw during Birdlam.
  • Any relevant information if you wish to be considered for prizes. For example, if you wish to be considered for the District Bicycles Mega-Excellent Adventure Award, please list the mode of transportation used (e.g., bicycle, kayak, foot) and the sites visited (as best as can be described). If you wish to be considered for a group award, please include the names and contact information for the other members. Did you bird your yard? Let us know!

Emailed or mail results to, Payne County Audubon Society, PO Box 82, Stillwater, OK 74075.

Past Winners

  • Birdiest Chapter: Payne County Audubon Society (137 total species)
  • Most ‘target species’ (Snowy Egret): Pratyaydipta Rudra (4)
  • Most species overall: Mike Yough (88)
  • Most species without the use of a motor vehicle: Eric LoPresti (78)
  • Most species while birding in one spot: Jennifer Kidney (28)
  • Most species not seen in the opposing county: Mike Yough (45)

*Competition restricted to Cleveland and Payne counties.

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