Welcome to the

Payne County Audubon Society!


We are a local chapter of the National Audubon Society, and a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization promoting education and wildlife conservation in Payne County, Oklahoma. We regularly sponsor field trips and evening presentation programs, award annual research grants, and sponsor an annual big day competition. We are actively engaged in citizen science for ornithology by managing two Audubon Christmas Bird Counts (Stillwater and Sooner Lake), and for the past several years we have led the state in submissions to the Great Backyard Bird Count. We proudly support the Important Bird Areas program in Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Prairie-Chicken Festival, and the initiative to establish a statewide Audubon office. For those so inclined, we also manage a Facebook group, which is a great place to share information, photos, and announcements relevant to central Oklahoma.

We welcome your visit to this site, your feedback, your support (financial or moral) of our work, and above all, your participation in our events!  Thank you for stopping by and good birding,

~Payne County Audubon Society

Executive Board Directors


  • President, Leslie Miller: gunhilda@gmail.com
  • Vice President, Tim O’Connell: tim.oconnell@okstate.edu
  • Secretary: Tim O’Connell: tim.oconnell@okstate.edu
  • Treasurer, Les Imboden: quailrancher@yahoo.com


  • Jim Cowley: cowunit@aol.com
  • Diego Marek: diego.marek@okstate.edu
  • vacant
  • vacant
  • vacant

PS: Please take a moment to learn about John James Audubon and how his name became synonymous with bird conservation more than 100 years ago.



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