Birding Hotspots

Places to bird in Payne County

A great thing about birding is that you can do it just about anywhere, but it also helps to have some guidance on some local hotspots.  The best source for this information is eBird, and if you aren’t eBirding then you’re missing out on some tremendous resources to help you hone your skills and find more birds. It’s free and they won’t spam you!

The team at eBird maps out and provides species lists for locations where sightings have been reported at public hotspots. You can search the hotspots map for Payne County and find a wealth of information. The following screencaps illustrate the locations of color-coded hotspots in our county:

Be sure to view recent checklists from Payne County … Approximately 325 different species of birds have been observed in Payne County. Here is a link to a bar graph of species abundance and seasonal occurrence in Payne County, based on submissions to eBird.

Be sure to check out our local Rare Bird Alerts too!

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